Sundays | 8:30am, 11:15am, and 6:00pm

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Upper Grades Lower Grades
6-7 Grade Bracket 2-3 Grade
8-9 Grade Bracket 4-5 Grade
10th Grade Bracket  
HS Grade Bracket  
Upper Grades Lower Grades
6-7 Grade  2-3 Grade
8-9 Grade  4-5 Grade
HS Grade Bracket  













Epworth: 723 Holly St You will see Williams Brice Activity Center. You might have to drive on our campus and park on the circle.
First Presbyterian Church: 

1422 Washington St

North Trenholm Baptist Church:

6515 North Trenholm Rd

Shandon UMC:

3407 Devine St

Trenholm Rd UMC: 

3401 Trenholm Rd 

Gym is around the back of the church.
Trinity Episcopal:

1100 Sumter St

Gym is located at the corner of Gervais and Marion.