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 **Please note that we also support and pray for several missionary families whose names cannot be listed online for safety reasons. 
Steve and Patty Auld

The Aulds (members of FPC) are serving in Lima, Peru as teachers at International Christian School of Lima.  Steve is also serving as an administrator.  They have two grown children.

Scott and Victoria Andes

Victoria and Scott (members of FPC) for many years served with World Witness—most recently in Kiev, Ukraine. They are now serving with RUF International on the campus of the University of South Carolina ministering to internationals. They have three children: Nathan, Aimee, and Diana.

Scott and Tonia Berthiaume

After many years as Wycliffe/SIL Bible translators to the Northern Pame people in Mexico, the Berthiaumes have spent the last several years based out of Dallas, Texas working at the International Linguistics Center in supporting translation for all of the Americas. Scott was recently appointed to be the Academic Dean at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics. He and Tonia will be helping train the next generation of missionaries for Bible translation. They have four grown children.

Justin and Gillian Brickey

Gillian and Justin Brickey (FPC members) are now serving with World Witness's Mobile Theological Training Team (MT3). Mobile Theological Training Team partners with seminaries and Bible schools in developing countries to provide theological training to national pastors and church leaders. Justin is currently studying at Erskine Theological Seminary for his Th.M. degree. Once he completes his degree program he will begin traveling to teach overseas. They have four boys: Alex, Nathan, Silas, and Zeph. 

Dennis and Rhonda Conroy

Rhonda and Dennis (associate members of FPC) serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Southeast Asia. Dennis prepares Scripture translations of minority languages for publishing. They have four children: Hannah, Daniel, Elizabeth, and Abigail.

David and Annelies Galletta

David is on World Witness’ Mobile Theological Training Team (MT3). He trains pastors in their own countries by partnering with national theological schools. In this role, he has served primarily in Kenya, South Africa, and Ukraine. David and his wife, Annelies, have three children: Esther, Linnea, and Amy.

Drew and Lauren Goodman

Drew and Lauren serve with World Witness in Barry, Wales. Drew serves as the Pastor of Barry Evangelical Presbyterian Church where he is responsible for preaching, evangelism, and outreach. Barry Evangelical Church is part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of England and Wales (EPCEW). They have three children: Geneva, Peter, and Luke

Ed and Maxine Gross

Ed and Maxine Gross (First Presbyterian Church members) serve with Global Training Network. Ed leads efforts to train and disciple church leaders in Nepal, China, and several locations in Africa. These areas are marked by rapid church growth and a need for leadership training. The Grosses have 6 grown children and 13 grandchildren.

Miriam Jerome

Miriam (an Associate member) currently serves with AZMERA—a ministry to women serving in a variety of nations. AZMERA seeks to encourage and nurture them so that they may serve the Lord faithfully in their ministry settings. Along with her family, Miriam previously served as a missionary in Japan for 15 years.

Dr. Peter Jones

Rebecca and Peter direct the ministry truthXchange (tXc), located in Escondido, California. This is an effort to equip believers, particularly young adults and college students, to understand and respond to the culture around them.

Jeff and Lisa King

Lisa and Jeff King (FPC Members) are World Witness missionaries serving outside Madrid, Spain. Jeff is teaching English to elementary students at Evangelical Christian Academy. ECA is an English speaking school and Jeff is providing his students support so they can be successful. He works with both missionary kids as well as students who come from unbelieving homes. He is also the elementary chaplain leading all the elementary students in a chapel service twice a month. They have three children: Nathan, Juliana, and Lucas.

Doug Kracht

Doug Kracht serves with World Team and with World Witness as a Cooperative Missionary. Doug now serves in training young Cuban Christians on how to live out the gospel in their various settings. Doug and his colleagues desire to leave a legacy of gospel materials for the Latin World, both in DVD and printed form. This year’s focus will be teaching seminary students at Los Pinos Nuevos (Santa Clarra) and a university group in Havana. He has two grown children.

Ali and Tara Mitchell

Tara and Ali live in Elgin, SC, and have three children: Joshua, Alisha, and Bethany. Drawing on the experience gained from living in Pakistan for eight years, Ali is working with the ARPConnect ministry to Muslims in America, specifically focusing on assisting the ARP Church to reach out to Muslim people with the gospel of Christ. Tara is a high school math teacher. They have three grown children.

Dennis and Cynde Morgan

Dennis and Cynde Morgan (members of FPC) are serving in Vienna, Austria, with SERGE (formerly World Harvest). They are part of the church plant team for New City Wien church in a Swiss-Austrian Reformed denomination. Dennis’ ministry involves discipling/training as he prepares Christian workers with his Life Mentoring and Coaching training, supervising team members with the Herzwerk ministry to women in forced prostitution, and working with individuals in life coaching and counseling. Cynde is active with women who have come out of forced prostitution. They minister together in the English Café outreach and their New City Wien home group. They have two grown children living in the U.S.

Paul and Brenda Pepin

Paul is a World Witness Cooperative Missionary serving with Equipping Leaders International which is a discipleship ministry in regions lacking in leadership training. He will be traveling to India, Pakistan, Cuba and other locations. The Pepins have three grown children.

Alex and Irina Ponomarev

Irina and Alex (members of FPC) are originally from St. Petersburg, Russia. Their ministry is MOST, which is the Russian word for “bridge.” This acronym stands for “Ministry of Outreach to Slavic Tribes.” Irina and Alex pray that the Lord will use them as bridges of his love to Slavic peoples in Columbia, America, and overseas. In addition to direct outreach, they are aiding missions agencies and churches to effectively disciple Russian-speaking people in the former Soviet Union and elsewhere. They have two grown children.

Katie Schooler

Katie is a member of Grace Presbyterian Church located in Northeast Columbia and is a World Witness cooperative missionary. She serves with Serge in Japan working at Covenant Community School International, which has students from five different nationalities in grades 1 - 12.

Andrew and Dorciane Toth

Dorciane and Andy (members of FPC) serve with World Indigenous Missions (WIM). Their ministry has returned to the site of some of their original efforts—the Southern Mexican Highlands. They are helping with the formation of a Presbytery of indigenous churches with the expectation that Mexican Presbyterian Church will bring them into their fold. The Toths have four grown children.

Mark and Natalie Witte

Natalie and Mark (members of FPC) are serving with World Witness in Spain. They are spearheading an outreach in the historic city of Toledo, in partnership with Iglesia Christiana Presbiteriana Church located in Madrid. A ministry site is being rented and church services began in 2017. The Wittes have two children: Vanessa and Alexander.