Active missionaries

The following missionaries are supported and prayed for by First Presbyterian Church.
Please note that we also support and pray for several missionary families whose names cannot be listed online for safety reasons.

Trish and Ben Alexander

Trish and Ben are recently approved World Witness missionaries.  They are moving to Chelmsford, England where Ben will join Chelmsford Presbyterian Church as an associate minister. Ben and Trish hope to see many return to the faith in England.

Suzanne and Jeff Allers

The Allers (First Presbyterian Church members) are World Witness missionaries serving in Germany as part of the Bridge Europe team. Their mission is to reach the growing immigrant and refugee populations in Germany with the gospel, to provide a “bridge” between them and Christ.

Steve and Patty Auld

Steve and Patty Auld (members of First Presbyterian Church) serve in Lima, Peru. Steve serves as principal and interim director at the International Christian School.  Patty teaches third grade. Through daily Bible teaching and interaction, they are trusting God to reach families with the Gospel of Christ.

Scott and Victoria Andes 

Victoria and Scott (members of First Presbyterian Church) serve with RUF International on the campus of the University of South Carolina. They are reaching international students for Christ by welcoming them, exploring the Gospel with them, and equipping those who believe to become Kingdom ambassadors to their home countries.

Justin and Gillian Brickey

Gillian and Justin (First Presbyterian Church members) serve with World Witness's Mobile Theological Training Team (MT3), and are based in Columbia, SC.  Justin travels to provide training to church leaders in other countries. Gillian coordinates member care events for the youth and children of families serving with World Witness.

Dennis and Rhonda Conroy

Dennis and Rhonda Conroy (associate members of First Presbyterian Church) serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Dennis assists translators in preparing Bible manuscripts for publication. These Bibles are published in a variety of formats, making them available for cell phones and web pages; and the Digital Bible Library.

David and Annelies Galletta

David is team leader of the World Witness Mobile Theological Training Team (MT3). They train pastors and church leaders in their own countries and cultures, in Bible colleges, seminaries, and informal settings. They teach modular classes in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, South Africa, and Pakistan.

Drew and Lauren Goodman

Drew and Lauren are World Witness missionaries that have served the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales (EPCEW) through a church plant at Christ Church Presbyterian in Wales since 2015.  Starting in 2023, they will be serving with World Witness’ Barnabas ministry in Uganda.

Ed and Maxine Gross

Ed and Maxine Gross (First Presbyterian Church members) serve with Global Training Network.  Ed trains pastors in Evangelism, Discipleship, Ministry Equipping, Leadership Development, and Theology.  They fields they serve include China, South Asia, Cameroon, Congo, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda.

Claudia and Robin Holmes

Robin and Claudia Holmes serve with the World Witness Ethnē Outfitters ministry. They help welcome and resettle Muslim refugees in the Upstate of SC. They seek to pray for folks, teach English, and help in various ways, to introduce Muslims to Christians, and be a witness to them.

Miriam Jerome

Miriam (an Associate member of First Presbyterian Church) currently serves with AZMERA, a ministry to women serving in a variety of nations.  Her goal is to help women (and sometimes couples) reach the highest level possible emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Peter and Rebecca Jones

Rebecca and Peter direct the ministry truthXchange (tXc), located in Escondido, California. truthXchange equips churches to communicate the gospel to a culture that has lost the distinction between worshiping creation and worshiping the Creator. They seek to honor, glorify, and pronounce the name of the Trinitarian God.

Jeff and Lisa King

Jeff and Lisa serve at Evangelical Christian Academy (ECA), a 1st-12th grade school in Madrid, Spain. ECA exists to provide quality Christian education to MK's and others in Madrid.  Jeff is the assistant director at ECA and he and Lisa also teach English in the elementary department.

Doug Kracht

Doug has worked with his ministry partner, Paul Thompson, since 1984. Paul was born in Cuba and has ministered as a teacher and church planter since the 1980s. Doug is a videographer who produces Paul’s lesson series into teaching videos.

Andrea and Chuck Lynde

Andrea and Chuck Lynde serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators. They support the work of Wycliffe by mobilizing the local church and recruiting new missionaries. They mobilize by raising awareness of the needs and opportunities to be a part of God's work in Bible translation.

Ali and Tara Mitchell

Tara and Ali live in Elgin, South Carolina. They serve with the World Witness Ethnē Outfitters ministry. Ethnē Outfitters exists to enhance the church’s making disciples of Muslim people groups in North America by building ministry teams and providing encouragement and training.

Dennis and Cynde Morgan

Dennis and Cynde Morgan (members of First Presbyterian Church) have served as missionaries with Serge.  Their primary focus has been outreach, such as developing an English conversation group to establish relationships with unbelievers and creating a character mentoring program to encourage personal and spiritual growth.

Paul and Brenda Pepin

Paul is serving as a faculty instructor with Equipping Leaders International.  He travels internationally with teams to train and educate pastors and leaders in places where resources are lacking.  His current ministry is focused on Cuba.

Alex and Irina Ponomarev

Irina and Alex (members of First Presbyterian Church) are originally from St. Petersburg, Russia. Their ministry is MOST (a Russian word for bridge) – “Ministry of Outreach to Slavic Tribes” – which seeks to bring Slavic (Russian-speaking) peoples to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ by building bridges of God’s love.

Missy and Paul Robelot

Paul and Missy Robelot (First Presbyterian Church members) are missionaries with World Witness. They serve to be an example, encourager and equipper for the local Church to actively engage their Muslim neighbors with the love of Christ communicated in the Gospel.

Katie Schooler

Katie is a member of Grace Presbyterian Church in northeast Columbia and is a World Witness cooperative missionary with Serge.  She serves as principal of a small international Christian school in Japan ( They strive to maintain a low tuition to make English-based education accessible.

Joni and Lee Shelnutt

Lee and Joni serve with World Witness’ Barnabas Ministry.  Lee will be developing, overseeing, and directing pastoral, leadership, and discipleship programs in Pakistan and Central Africa (Rwanda).  He will also provide encouragement and care for WW missionaries in Europe, and oversight for the WW school ministry in Pakistan.

Vonia and Josh Thomas

Vonia and Josh are World Witness missionaries serving with Bridge Europe. They are planting an international church with special interest in the Muslims/muslim nations represented in their community. There are 103 nations represented in their community that are largely unreached by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Andrew and Dorciane Toth

Dorciane and Andy (members of First Presbyterian Church) serve with World Indigenous Missions. They evangelize, organize missions and churches, train and install leadership, start seminary programs, and send out missionaries in Mexico and abroad. They are also members of the Board of Beth Shalom Ministries.

Mark and Natalie Witte

Natalie and Mark (members of First Presbyterian Church) serve with World Witness in Toledo, Spain. They are preaching the Gospel and making disciples through the planting and pastoring of a Spanish reformed presbyterian church. They also reach out through conversational English and are involved in refugee relief to Ukrainians.