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Dr. Brad Anderson (Director of Youth Ministry)

Brad joined the staff in September of 2007 as the Director of Youth Ministry after serving Boyce Memorial ARP Church as their Director of Youth and Family Ministry. He has a B.A. in Christian Education from Erskine College and a M.A. in Theological Studies and Doctorate of Ministry from Erskine Theological Seminary. Brad has served as a leader for presbytery and synod level retreats and conferences for the youth of the ARP for nearly 15 years. Brad is married to Kelley and they have two sons, two daughters, and one baby on the way. 

Born: Asheville, North Carolina
Birthday: January 24
Degrees: B.A. Christian Education from Erskine College,  M.A. in Theological Studies and Doctorate of Ministry from Erskine Theological Seminary
Interests: Parenting… tinkering around the house, woodworking, reading, amateur graphic design 
Favorite Books: The Church Before the Watching World by Francis Schaeffer, The Great Divorce by CS Lewis, The Work of the Pastor by William Still, Truly the Community by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek
Testimony: I came to Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit in the preached Word of my home church. I grew up with multiple adults in my life pointing me to the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It truly sounds mundane, but the beauty of having known that I need Jesus my whole life has been a treasure! I didn’t have many Christian friends growing up (and I lived far from my home church), so I never really had much Christian encouragement from folks my own age. I spent my summers serving at Campy Joy and various mission trips. These were the places where I grew in my desire to serve God and where I built some of the strongest Christian friendships that still last to this day!
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Tricia Stoker (Assistant Director of Youth Ministry)

Tricia joined the staff in June of 2017. She earned her degree in Early Childhood Education at The University of South Carolina. She taught Kindergarten at Deerfield Elementary in Lexington for 3 years before joining the staff here at First Presbyterian Church. While in college, Tricia was an intern here and worked part time with both middle and high school students. She will be working in the Youth Ministry, primarily with high school girls. Tricia is married to Andrew and they joined the church at the beginning of 2017. 

Born: The big city of Camden, South Carolina
Birthday: October 8
Degree: Early Childhood Education, The University of South Carolina 
Interests: I enjoy exploring SC state parks, going for bike rides, and playing with my puppy.
Favorite Book: Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller
Testimony: I began going to church in Lugoff at the age of 7. I don’t have an exact date when I became a believer but it has been a gradual process of the Lord calling me to himself ever since then. In high school I struggled with being one person at church and one person at school and not allowing those two worlds to merge. Once coming to school at USC and becoming a part of first pres I really began to see the importance of The Lord being your whole life and what it looked like to live and be a part of a church body. The Lord is continuing to guide me and reveal to me ways in which I am called to be guided by Him. (Hence why I am now in Youth Ministry and not teaching)
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Josh Madsen (Assistant Director of Youth Ministry)

Josh joined the Staff in April of 2017, coming from Trinity ARP Church in Tampa, Florida where he was the acting Youth Director and Outreach coordinator for nearly two years. He has a bachelors in Bible in Religion and minor in Philosophy from Erskine College.  

Born:   Rock Hill
Birthday:  July 6 
Degree: Christian Education from Erskine College
Interests: I enjoy listening to music, playing with my dog, and any outdoor activity(camping, kayaking,etc.)
Favorite Books: My favorite secular book is Unbroken, or any Stephen King Novel. My favorite Christian book is "When People are big and God is small" by Ed Welch
Testimony: I grew up in the Church, and was baptized as an infant.  I have always known the Church, and understood basic Christian doctrine.  I was in Youth group growing up but my faith was very depended on my parents and youth leader.  When I went to Erskine college I became heavily involved with RUF and was able to meet a lot of older peers who helped hold me accountable for my own faith.  It was then that the Holy Spirit grew me, and worked in my heart to create a love for Christ, and a call to the ministry.  I attended RUF my entire college career, and took an Internship working with a youth group.  This is where God showed me that he was calling me to Youth Ministry. I bounced around from internships, and landed in Tampa for my first full time ministry job.  I learned a lot about myself and relying on God at that position.  The Lord has brought me here to Columbia and I could not be more excited for what he has in store for me here.
What is one thing you always take with you on retreats? small fan



Beth Ann Hurst (Assistant Director of Youth Ministry)

Beth Ann came to First Presbyterian in May 2011. She graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2011 with a major in Political Science, with a focus on International Studies. Her ministry is primarily with middle school girls and comes to FPC with experience in Young Life's Wyld Life ministry.
Beth Ann is married to Gabe. They married at FPC in December 2017. 

Born: Pittsburgh, PA
Birthday: October 9, 1988
Degree: Political Science and French from THE University of South Carolina, 
Interests: Cooking! I love finding fun recipes. I also love going to workout classes, specifically Spin Class. I’m learning to like yard work.
Favorite Books: Fiction: Harry Potter. Nonfiction: Far As the Curse is Found
Testimony: I grew up in the church and always knew that Jesus loved me and had died for me. But it wasn’t until I was in 7th grade that I realized that I was a sinner and had a real need for Jesus’ perfect sacrifice. I was at a church camp with my youth group where the gospel was preached clearly and I came to saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus. Middle school were the years that the Lord really took hold of my life and began to grow a love for him. It was also imperative in my walk with the Lord to have a leader who was willing to ask me the harder questions and listen to my questions throughout the years.
What is one thing you always take with you on retreats? I always bring a good baseball hat, because let’s be honest, there’s little time to shower consistently and I need to be able to just roll out of my bed and throw on a hat and clothes.