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The Bridge, Room 200, Adults

213                         SCIENTIFIC CHALLENGES TO EVOLUTIONARY THEORY: How These Challenges Affect Religion by Jay Schabacker (FPC Member)

222.12                   EXODUS: Dawn of Deliverance by Dale Ralph Davis on MP3 CD

227.4                     GALATIANS: The Gospel of Free Grace by Jon Nielson & Graham Ryken (Study Guide)

228.2                     JAMES: Portrait of a Living Faith by Jon Nielson & Daniel M. Doriani (Study Guide)

230.2                     THE CREED: Life Principles for Today by Robert Leslie Holmes

230.2                     THE MYSTERY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT by R. C. Sproul

232                         PROPHECY AND HISTORY IN RELATION TO THE MESSIAH by Alfred Edersheim

232                         SKETCHES OF JEWISH SOCIAL LIFE by Alfred Edersheim

232                         JERUSALEM IN THE TIME OF JESUS by Joachim Jeremias

234                         THE PURITANS ON CONVERSION by Samuel Bolton, Nathaniel Vincent, Thomas Watson

252                         FAVORITE SERMONS: J. Sherrard Rice, D. D. (Archives)

254                         ASSURANCE OF FAITH by Joel R. Beeke on 2 DVDs

260                         THE ENDURING COMMUNITY: Embracing the Priority of the Church by Brian Habig & Les Newsom

270                         HISTORIES AND FALLACIES: Problems Faced in the Writing of History by Carl R. Trueman

271                         FAIR SUNSHINE: Character Studies of The Scottish Covenanters by Jock Purves

290                         THE UNIVERSE NEXT DOOR: A Basic Worldview Catalog by James W. Sire

Biography            THE WISDOM OF ALFRED EDERSHEIM by David Mishkin

Biography            THE SWANS ARE NOT SILENT Series by John Piper. Book 1. Lives of Augustine, Luther, Calvin. Book 2. Bunyan, Cowper, Brainerd. Book 3. Newton, Simeon, Wilberforce. Book 4. Athanasius, Owen, Machen. Book 5. Tyndale, Paton, Judson. Book 6. Herbert, Whitefield, Lewis. Book 7. Spurgeon, Muller, Taylor.