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222.12                   EXODUS FOR YOU by Tim Chester, The Good Book Company

222.4                     SERMONS ON 2 SAMUEL: Chapters 1-13 by Jean Calvin

222.4                     1 SAMUEL FOR YOU by Tim Chester

222.4                     2 SAMUEL FOR YOU by Tim Chester

223.2                     THE PSALMS AS CHRISTIAN LAMENT: A Historical Commentary by Bruce Waltke

223.2                     THE PSALTER RECLAIMED: Praying and Praising with the Psalms by Gordon J. Wenham

226                         CAN WE TRUST THE GOSPELS? By Peter J. Williams

226.4                     LUKE 1-12 FOR YOU by Mike McKinley

226.4                     LUKE 12-24 FOR YOU by Mike McKinley

227.5                     PHILIPPIANS FOR YOU by Steven J. Lawson

227.6                     TITUS FOR YOU by Tim Chester

231                         KEEPING THE HEART: How to Maintain Your Love for God by John Flavel

248.843                 WOMEN OF THE WORD by Jen Wilkin on 3 CDs

248.843                 IN HIS IMAGE by Jen Wilkin on 4 CDs

248.843                 NONE LIKE HIM by Jen Wilkin on 4 CDs

253                         CHRISTIAN CAREGIVING-A WAY OF LIFE by Kenneth C. Haugk

270                         HEROES OF THE EARLY CHURCH by Richard Newton

Biography            THE SOUL OF LIFE: The Piety of John Calvin

Biography            A HABITUAL SIGHT OF HIM: The Christ-centered Piety of Thomas Goodwin

Biography            THE FOUNDATION OF COMMUNION WITH GOD: The Trinitarian Piety of John Owen

Children’s Library

213                         QUICK ANSWERS TO TOUGH QUESTIONS by Bryan Osborne

220                         READ ALOUD BIBLE STORIES, VOL. 1-5 by Ella Lindvall

243                         PILGRIM’S PROGRESS: John Bunyan’s Classic Story Adapted for Children on 2 CDs

248.88                   MONEY DOESN’T GROW ON TREES by Money Bright Kids on DVD

266.3                     WINDOW ON THE WORLD: An Operation World Prayer Resource by Molly Wall