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Library - New Additions

First Presbyterian Church Library

The Church Library is located in Room 200 of The Bridge and open every day, except on Saturdays. Books are for sale from the Book Service with payment envelopes on the first floor of The Bridge.

Children’s Library is located in Room 100 of the Thornwell Education Building. Check it Out!

New Additions February 2018


170              LOVE THY BODY: Answering Hard Questions about Life and Sexuality by Nancy Pearcey

173.1          HIS NEEDS, HER NEEDS by Willard F. Harley

178.2       GENDER AS CALLING: The Gospel & Gender Identity by Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, Crown and Covenant Publisher

179              THE CASE FOR LIFE: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture by Scott Klusendorf

220.1           EXPLAINING INERRANCY: A Commentary by R. C. Sproul

222.11         FOUNDATIONS OF THE GOSPEL: A Believer’s Commentary on Genesis 1-3 by Kuldip Singh Gangar, Reformation Heritage Books

223.1           THE STORM BREAKS: Job Simply Explained by Derek W. H. Thomas

226.5           JESUS: Christ, Son of God and Savior (Gospel of John) by Sinclair B. Ferguson, MP3 CD

228.4            APOCALYPSE NOW:  The Revelation of John by Sinclair B. Ferguson, 24 CDs Album

241               LETTERS TO MALCOLM: Chiefly on Prayer by C. S. Lewis

248               DISCIPLINE, THE GLAD SURRENDER by Elisabeth Elliot

251            SOME PASTORS AND TEACHERS: Reflecting a Biblical Vision of What Every Minister is Called to Be by Sinclair B. Ferguson, Banner of Truth Trust Publisher

267              WHAT IS THANKSGIVING? By Michelle Medlock Adams


285.2       THE PRESBYTERIAN STORY: Origins & Progress of a Reformed Tradition by Donald S. Fortson, III, WIPF & STOCK Publishers

808.1            HOMER’S THE ODYSSEY by Leland Ryken

Biography      CORRIE TEN BOOM’S PRISON LETTERS by Corrie ten Boom

Children’s Library of Thornwell Room 101:

277                LEARN OUR HISTORY DVDs

New Additions January 2018

150                          DEPRESSION: The Way Up When You Are Down by Edward T. Welch

178.2                 GOD AND THE TRANSGENDER DEBATE: What Does the Bible actually say about Gender Identity by Andrew T. Walker

178.3                       MAKING ALL THINGS NEW: Restoring Joy to the Sexually Broken by David Powlison

213                          THE G3N3S1S DEBATE: Three Views on the Days of Creation by David G. Hagopian

222.16                     LAW AND THE BIBLE: Justice, Mercy, and Legal Institutions by Robert F. Cochran, Jr., editor

223.2                       PASTORAL USE OF THE PSALMS: Sixth Annual B. B. Warfield Lectures, MP3 CD

225.1                       THE THEOLOGY OF THE APOSTLES: The Development of New Testament Theology by Adolf Schlatter

225.6                       THE GREEK NEW TESTAMENT by Dirk Jongkind, editor, Crossway Publisher

227.4                       NOTES ON GALATIANS by J. Gresham Machen

227.4                       EPHESIANS FOR YOU by Richard Coekin

228.2                       THE LETTER OF JAMES: The Pillar New Testament Commentary by Douglas J. Moo

230.2                       A PRIMER ON FREE WILL by John H. Gerstner

231                          GOD TRANSCENDENT by J. Gresham Machen

231                     CHRIST+COVENANT THEOLOGY: Essays on Election, Republication, and the Covenants by Cornelis P. Venema

234                          WHAT IS FAITH? By J. Gresham Machen

235                          THE CROOK IN THE LOT by Thomas Boston, Banner of Truth Publisher

251                          SOME PASTORS AND TEACHERS by Sinclair B. Ferguson, Banner of Truth Publisher

254                          WHAT IS DISCIPLESHIP? by Stephen Smallman, P&R Publisher

261                          CREATED & CREATING: A Biblical Theology of Culture by William Edgar

271                          REFORMATION 500 SERIES by Sinclair B. Ferguson, MP3 CD

271                       THORNWELL LECTURES 2017: REFORMATION by First Presbyterian Church, MP3 CD

271                          A SIMPLE EXPOSITION OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH by Pierre Viret

271                          THE CATECHISM OF PIERRE VIRET

297                          IS THE FATHER OF JESUS THE GOD OF MUHAMMAD? by Timothy George

Biography                ADONIRAM JUDSON: Devoted for Life by Vance Christie

Biography              THE LEGACY OF SOVEREIGN JOY: God’s Triumphant Grace in the Lives of Augustine, Luther, and Calvin by John Piper


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